NYOI U.S. tour cancelled

We regretfully announce that we have cancelled our U.S. tour scheduled for this August. Instability in Iraq has made it impossible for orchestra members to complete the visa process that would allow them to travel, though thankfully all NYOI musicians are currently safe.

We’re all looking forward to continuing our partnership with Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra in the future, and we encourage everyone to stay up to date with both orchestras by connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

35 hours left on the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq’s Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is bigger than just the money that you raise. The concept of building a community, of testing the markets, of using all the energy you have to see if “doing what you want” is a realistically profitable life-option… it’s incredible. Everybody has something. Something they love. Something that excites them. What if somebody out there is into it? What if a lot of people out there are into it? Kickstarter is wildly important. It’s not just a funding platform, it’s a testing lab for a new way of living.

Lauren Krakauskas, who is part of the team behind the Kickstarter-funded Freaker USA (via kickstarter)

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